SWF 2016

You can catch me at the Sydney Writers Festival.

I’ll be appearing at three sessions:

Ghostwriting: The Untold Story

How hard is it to write someone else’s story in their name? How do you get your subject to open up, and what’s the best way to deal with sensitivities, egos and fallible memories? Is there such a thing as too much information? Bryce Corbett has been a ghostwriter for Rosie Batty and Turia Pitt, Felicity McLean ghostwrote Leisel Jones’s recent memoir and Michael Visontay has written for Nathan Hindmarsh. As three of the best in the business, they open up to John M. Green about the pitfalls, tribulations and joys of ghostwriting.

Leisel Jones: Out of the Pool

At just 15, swimmer Leisel Jones was thrust into the limelight as a silver medallist at the Sydney Olympic Games. Her memoir, Body Lengths, recounts the reality behind the glory – a broken home, the pressures of success and the depression that nearly ended her life. Leisel turned to journalist Felicity McLean to help her write her story. This is a fascinating insight into the ghostwriting process and the challenges of getting inside someone else’s head to find their voice. Leisel and Felicity speak with Meredith Jaffé.

Where I Live

The Festival presents free and ticketed events. Come along, it will be a hoot.

You can book your tickets here.


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